At IGORLABS, we love to collaborate

 love to iterate, and to ship. We always love to ship.

Our goal is simple: to complete a project in a reasonable amount of time to the highest standard possible. This always comes down to compromise about future quality vs scheduled time. And that comes down to relationships with the designers, developers and founders. We enjoy that balancing of tension.

Nest + Yale Lock

The designers at Nest X Yale Lock were provided an internal, iOS prototyping application that acted as scaffolding for this project by IGORLABS. The custom-built app allowed Nest X Yale designers to both imagine the flow of and participate in the UX. This function produced a higher level of accuracy in the design and troubleshooting process.

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Zuli Smartplugs

IGORLABS ran the engineering organization for this project and brought on experts in mobile app development, machine learning, web services and privacy to the team. Zuli received innovative and cutting-edge services from IGORLABS; Zuli even ended up with two patents by the end of the project.

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Noon Smart Lighting System

Noon was provided with an iOS prototype of the UI/UX for their new and beautiful design. IGORLABS created a simulator of the switch using an iPod touch, that had the ability to communicate with Phillips Hue Lightbulbs. This allowed for refinement and iteration throughout the design process.

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Nest Protect

The founders and designers at Nest embarked on a quest to create an entirely audio-based smoke detector with a voice-user interface in five languages. This had never been done before and consequently, had an all new set of obstacles to overcome in the design and execution process. IGORLABS (working closely with Nest founders and designers) helped to define the team, determine the best audio technology and speakers, built audio mastering tools and aided in VO editing for the ground-breaking device. 

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SquirrelWarz is an easy to pick up real time strategy…with squirrels. Defend your territory and launch decisive attacks against the enemy’s base. Coming soon to the iPad and your nearest neighborhood park.


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