Jim Nitchals - Genuis

Jim was a co-founder of IGORLABS, and co-created the audio technology that become part of many products.

Jim's last version of his personal web page is preserved here.

I'm going to miss your irreverent humor. Your coding style and desire to make things as fast as possible. Your absolute belief in creating the best possible relationships from honesty and integrity. Your ability to enjoy conversation. Your business savvy in understanding the big picture. Your gentleness. Your willingness to understand someone else's way of thinking. Your debates on the latest political issues. Your generosity. Your great mimicking of cartoon voices. Your friendship.


Steve Hales

Thanks to the Internet Archive's wonderful emulation website, you can play the games that Jim created with distinction.

Bug Attack

Asteroid Field


Star Thief

Articles about Jim

Terrific interview with Trip Hawkins, the founder of Electronic Arts, and Jim’s role reverse engineering the Sega Genesis.

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Jim Nitchals

RIP 1.15.62 - 6.5.98

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